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Prentice Cooper // Sep 2022


WHAT: A beginner+intermediate AND an advanced backpacking trip in Prentice Cooper State Forest
RSVP: Registration closed
DEPART: 7:00AM on Sat Sep 24 from Christ Community Church
RETURN: Afternoon of Sun Sep 25 at Christ Community Church
Beginner/Intermediate: 8 miles round trip, 2,057 ft ascent, 2,038 ft descent
Advanced: 20 miles round trip, ~2,000 ft ascent, ~2,000 ft descent
Saturday: Breakfast on your own (eat before you come), Lunch, Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch on the road (bring money)
COST: $31 for Scouts, $13 for Adults ($18 discount for Scouts using OWNFOOD-PRENTICE if bringing your own food)


Click to see the itinerary…
We’ll leave from Christ Community Church early on Saturday morning and carpool out to Prentice Cooper State Forest (near Chattanooga).
The beginner/intermediate crew will hike about 5 miles to a backcountry site along a stream (there are several to choose from). Along the way we’ll hike through boulders and along mountain streams, and work our way around the side of a mountain. On Sunday we’ll hike about 3.5 miles back to the trailhead. Along the way we’ll stop at an amazing overlook over the Tennessee River (the photo at the top of this page is from a morning when it was all fogged in), and climb up through a rock staircase similar to Stone Door. Despite the shorter distance as compared to some of our advanced treks, this is a great hike with some rewarding challenges and views along the way.
The advanced crew will hike about 11-12 miles to a different backcountry site. On Sunday they’ll hike about 7 or 8 miles back out (2 options on the way out).
Both crews will drive out together, but will hike and camp separately.
Once the roster is finalized, Scouts will choose their leadership roles for this trek based on how we backpack at Philmont: Crew leader, Chaplains aide, and Wilderness Guia, as well as cooks.


See for inspiration (use the Planning Worksheet linked there).
Click to see the meal schedule…
Breakfast: eat before you come and/or bring something simple you can eat on the way (no messes in our drivers cars!)
Breakfast: in camp
Lunch: we’ll stop somewhere on the way home (BRING MONEY)
The advanced crew may want to consider using pre-made dehydrated meals for dinner to simplify your time in camp given the distance we’ll be doing.


Beginner+Intermediate Crew

See also the Prentice-Cooper PDF below - we’ll be hiking the Mullen’s Cove Loop trail and camping at the Hemlock Branch Campsite.
Elevation Profile: Saturday
Elevation Profile: Sunday
Untitled 1.png

Advanced Crew

Much of this trail is not visible in Gaia GPS. We’ll be traveling from the Cumberland Trailhead, down to Snoopers Rock, and then around the Pot Point loop to McNabb Gulf Campsite. On Sunday we’ll hike back up through the Hemlock Branch Campsite (where the beginner+intermediate crew will be camping), and decide whether we want to take the east or west side of the Mullen’s Cove Loop Trail.
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RSVP list current as of 5:30PM Sep 19.

Beginner + Intermediate

Crew Roster

Crew Leader:
Chaplains Aide:
Wilderness Guia:


5 Scouts, 3 Adults, 9 Total


Crew Roster

Crew Leader:
Chaplains Aide:
Wilderness Guia:


7 Scouts, 2 Adults, 9 Total

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