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Backpacking Packing List

Packing list for Troop Backpacking trips.
Items that the Troop has available for use are marked below with orange italics. Beyond these items the Troop provides the following items for all backpacking trips:
tents (Scouts tent together)
dining fly/tarp
cooking gear
water filtration/treatment


Backpack (with padded hip belt) The Troop has these available to use.
Pack rain cover, fitted to your pack (sturdy waterproof nylon) Included with the Troop backpacks.
Stuff sacks or plastic bags (assorted sizes, to waterproof & store your sleeping bag & clothes)
Sleeping bag (stored in sturdy waterproof nylon stuff sack lined with double plastic bags) The Troop has these available to use.
Sleep pad (for thermal barrier & comfort – air mattresses should have insulation) The Troop has these available to use.
Sleep clothes
Water bottles, 2 one-liter, wide-mouth Nalgene bottles preferred.
Toothbrush & very small tube of paste (store all smell-ables in Ziploc bag with your name on)
Small First aid kit (moleskin, tape, lip-balm, antibiotic ointment, personal medication, etc.)
Flashlight / Headlamp, with spare batteries
Whistle (The whistle is just a safety precaution in case someone accidentally gets off the trail and is separated from the group.)
Ziploc bag for trash – 1 gallon size (You have to pack out all of your own trash)
Pocketknife, very small & lightweight (once you’ve earned your Totin’ chip)
Toilet paper in Ziploc bag
Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer
Fire Starter
Mess Kit – (something to eat on) including spoon/fork & mug

Optional Personal Equipment

These are helpful but non-essential, consider whether the added weight is worth it.
Camp chair – lightweight / compact.
Trail seat – small square of lightweight closed cell foam pad to sit on.
Paracord/clothesline, 25 foot of 1/8 inch nylon cord to hang and air out your sleeping bag & dry laundry.
Playing cards, group games or books (no electronics) in zip lock bag.
Trekking poles.


Adjust as necessary for seasonal conditions. Check the weather forecast before you leave!
Base Layer (hiking clothes worn on the trail daily)
Pants/Shorts - lightweight & quick drying (zip off pants are great Option)
Poly Pro shirt - loose fit, lightweight & quick-drying
Socks (thin slick stock liners are optional but a good idea)
Rain suit, parka & pants, loose-fit, sturdy, waterproof/breathable nylon.
Sturdy trail shoes or boots
[OPTIONAL] Camp shoes - comfortable closed toe shoes - these are optional but feel really good at the end of the day.

Second Layer

Cool weather / cold evenings stored in waterproof nylon stuff sack or Ziploc bag.
Fleece Jacket / Wool Sweater
Poly-Pro Long Underwear
Stocking Cap
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